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Perfect Cove - Original Art

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The 'Perfect Cove' is not only created by one of our amazingly talented local artists, but the use of blue, green, and earthy tones against the rectangular canvas shape encased in the cashew timber frame will ensure this gorgeous artwork sits proudly in one's living space being the admiration of all your guests.

The lush tones will ensure this original artwork compliments a range of different interior styles and spaces, to create the ultimate calming ambience.

For those of you asking for more hints of blue / green combinations to fit in with your interior space, this artwork is for you.

Material: Alcohol Ink artworks are on 100% cotton thick edge gallery canvas with a cashew timber frame.

Size: 54cm x 79cm approximately.

Caring for your Artwork: Once you have taken your beautiful artwork home, hang with care in any areas where there is not a lot of moisture or direct sunlight. Excess moisture from bathrooms or kitchen areas can cause rippling of works on paper. Direct sunlight on original artwork may fade the work over a long period of time so is best avoided. Clean with a soft feather dusted if needed.

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